Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The ESPN Body Issue has highlighted the growing trend for people to be proud of who they are and the bodies in which they are born.

WOW that's great.......but not many of us are happy with the bodies we have nor the confidence to go with it!  Those who were happy enough to have their pictures taken in the ESPN Body Issue are gorgeous and their confidence shines on through but how can we become just as confident or get the body that we want?  I'm not talking muscles or super slim here, I'm talking about a body in which we feel comfortable or proud.....just like those in the ESPN Body Issue.

So I'm going to share a couple of secrets with you:

1 It's not easy to get the confidence you want............but it IS possible with a little work!

2 You may not make it onto the pages of the next ESPN Body Issues  but you can be proud of who you are and what you look like!

The ESPN Body Issues has highlighted a couple of things to me and I wanted to share what I know with you......the reader.

If you've got this far with me then you probably fit into one or both of the same categories that I and many others do.............but not those in the 2013 ESPN Body Issue of course!

Here you can take a look for free at what helped me on my way to:

Better Confidence:

A Better Body:

And don't forget, you may not want to be on the next ESPN Body Issue Cover but just want to enjoy being yourself at last!

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